• Thijs Bosschert

    Participating in the ‪PHDays‬ CTF means a lot of swag!

    Thijs Bosschert Verizon Business
  • Jerry Gamblin

    When you see the CFP for PHDays 2013 open up you really should submit. You will be treated great and given an opportunity to meet a whole group of people who are really passionate about computer security.

    Jerry Gamblin Missouri House of Representatives
  • Alexandr Matrosov

    This event started last year as the first conference in Russia for security researchers focusing on deeply technical speakers.

    Alexandr Matrosov ESET
  • Arvind S Raj

    The CTF was cool. It was real fun!

    Arvind S Raj BIOS Team
  • DTS Solution

    The PHD forum was packed with technical and business seminars, hacking contests and emerging security technologies demonstrating the latest security issues and challenges security professionals face on a daily basis.

    DTS Solution information security company

About Forum

Welcome to the web site of Positive Hack Days, the international forum on practical information security issues.

Today, as never before, there is a need for a dialog between all representatives of the information protection community. That is why we developed Positive Hack Days, an event of absolutely new format..


«We want business professionals to see how information security is really created and get a clear idea of how their IS services carry on their day-to-day activity on the technical level in the real-time mode.»

Sergey Gordeychik,
Positive Technologies

Positive Hack Days is an international forum on practical information security issues organized by the Positive Technologies company.

Positive Hack Days is a unique event not only for Russia, but worldwide. It is the only event which brings together the elite of the hackers' world, leaders of the information security industry and representatives of the Internet community to cooperate in addressing the most topical issues of the IT market.

Positive Hack Days is theory inwrought with practice, a professional discussion intertwined with enthralling competitions and contests, maximum practice with minimum formalities.

How much does it take to hack a mobile network?

Is electronic government secure in the era of WikiLeaks and Anonymous?

Is SCADA hacking a Hollywood fiction or the nowadays reality?

Internet banking: is there any chance to win over the fraudsters?

Cybercrimes, cyberspyin, cybercrwar: where do we draw a borderline?


«PHD proved to be something more than just an international forum on practical security. It is a forum of interpersonal interactions, a sort of a model of a well-organized event.»

Aleksey Lukatsky,
Cisco Systems

In 2012, the Positive Hack Days forum will host more than 1,000 participants including:

  • The leading Russian and international IT companies;
  • International experts in information security;
  • Advanced adepts from Russia and the USA, European and Asian countries;
  • The best university teams from all over the world;
  • Representatives of government institutions and authorities.


«The PHD forum became an example of what the Russian IT security community had been craving for. It is amazing how the organizers managed both to elaborate a program that covered the most topical issues and to provide quite a welcoming environment that keeps all guests constantly engrossed with the discussions, observations and activities.»

Aleksander Gostev,
Kaspersky Lab

PHD considers various preferences of the entire information community and covers the most topical issues related to information security.

The topics of the forum include the following:

  • Security of critical information systems;
  • Fraud management;
  • Cybercrimes and investigation of incidents;
  • Government and corporate security in the era of WikiLeaks;
  • Cyberwar and cyberspying.

As well as: protection of cloud computing and virtual infrastructure, counteraction to 0-day attacks and investigation of incidents, protection against DDoS, computerized process control systems (SCADA) security, protection of business applications and ERP, and communication network security.


«Everything was quite positive, yet there was no affectedness about it at all. The visitors spoke with one another at ease and shared their opinions quite freely. There were a lot of sections and reports and they covered a wide range of topics, so everyone was able to find something interesting for themselves.»

Evgeny Tsarev,
LETA IT-company

Heads of IT and IS services will share their experience with peers and discuss topical issues of IS.

Representatives of government institutions will have an opportunity to estimate present-day threats to electronic government resources and find ideal solutions.

Specialists in information protection will have an opportunity to improve their professional and practical skills.

Vendors of security tools and systems will be able to test their products in practice by incorporating them into the CTF tasks and challenges.

Novices will get new experiences and a chance to find future employers.


PHD program includes:

  • Master Classes by acknowledged practitioners where attendees will be able to see with their own eyes and test with their own hands whether it is possible to hack their resources and how the resources can be protected;
  • Round tables with leading domestic and international experts addressing complicated issues of information security;
  • Technical seminars on the results of the latest researches in protection and attack methods;
  • Contests in security analysis, hacking and protection of whatever can be hacked and protected;
  • International hacker contests in protection and hacking informational resources.