Positive Hack Days CTF International Information Protection Contest

The challenge is conducted according to the CTF (Capture the Flag) game rules. Several teams are to defend their own networks and attack the networks of other teams for a specified period of time. The aim of the contestants is detecting vulnerabilities in the systems of other competing teams and obtaining sensitive information (flags), and at the same time detecting and fixing vulnerabilities in their own systems.

The key feature of Positive Hack Days CTF is its closeness to real-life conditions. All the vulnerabilities are not fictional, but indeed occur on contemporary information systems. Moreover, the format of PHDays CTF is really wide due to the game environment’s saturation with unique elements (such as capturing and keeping control of the systems according to the King of the Hill principles, the option of solving game problems blindly — i.e. attacking systems without any access to them, etc.). CTF contestants will try themselves in real struggle and get a chance to develop their own information protection solutions.

To add special appeal to the contest, the game infrastructure is prepared and changed according to the story lines which are unique for each contest within PHDays CTF. Such conditions create a remarkable ambience and make the Positive Hack Days CTF contest to stand out against the background of other similar contests.