Tachikoma (Japan)

Tachikoma The Tachikoma team is formed from the students of the following universities in Japan: the University of Tokyo, Tokyo Denki University, Tokyo University of Technology, and University of Aizu. It is a very fresh and newbie team that will make it first appearance at offline-type CTF at PHDays 2012. The team was created in February 2012.

Shell-Storm (France/Switzerland)

Shell-Storm Shell-Storm.org is a development organization based on GNU/Linux systems that provide free projects and source codes.
Shell-storm.org provides useful information to people who perform security testing.

Plaid Parliament of Pwning (USA)

Plaid Parliament of Pwning The Plaid Parliament of Pwning formed from students at Carnegie Mellon University in 2009. Since its creation, the group has grown from only a handful of members to a team with undergraduate students, masters students, PhD students, and University staff, though primarily undergraduates. Over the years, PPP has won numerous CTF competitions, including Codegate, iCTF, CSAW, HUST, Ghost in the Shellcode, Secuinside, and PHDays.

Leet More (Russia)

Leet More The Leet More team was created in 2008 at the University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics (ITMO). The team's achievements for the last year:

  • 2nd place at PHDays 2011 CTF;
  • 4th place at DEFCON 19 CTF as part of Russia team – IV;
  • 1st place at Enowars 2011 CTF;
  • 1st place at Mozilla CTF 2012 (as part of More Smoked Leet Chicken);
  • 1st place at IFSF CTF Quals (as part of More Smoked Leet Chicken);
  • 1st place at NeoQuest 201;
  • 1st place at CodeGate 2012 Quals and CodeGate 2012 Final (as part of Leet Chicken).

Int3pids (Spain)

Int3pids Int3pids is a Spanish team which was born in 2010 as a spin-off of Sexy Pandas. They love security challenges and have taken part in many well-known CTFs. Awards:

  • 3rd place at Codegate 2010;
  • 5th place at Defcon 19 (2011);
  • 1st place at Swiss Cyber Storm 3 (2011);
  • 1st place at SbD Wargame 2011;
  • 1st place at RootedCON CTF 2012;
  • 2nd place at Codegate 2012.

HackerDom (Russia)

HackerDom The HackerDom team was created in 2005 at the Mathematics and Mechanics Department of the Ural State University. The members give weekly seminars named HackerDom’s Secrets. The team regularly participates in CTF and CTF-like contests, and also holds national (RuCTF) and international (RuCTFE) interuniversity contests in information security. The team's achievements:

  • 3rd place at iCTF 2007 (USA);
  • 1st place at C.I.P.H.E.R. 2008 (Germany);
  • 2nd place at C.I.P.H.E.R. 2009 (Germany);
  • 2nd place at RusCrypto CTF 2010 and 2011 (Russia);
  • 1st place at RusCrypto CTF Quals 2011 (Russia);
  • 13th place at DEFCON Quals 18, the best result of all Russian teams;
  • 4th place at Defcon 19 Quals & Final as part of the IV team.

ForbiddenBITS (Tunisia)

ForbiddenBITS ForbiddenBITS is a Tunisian team created in 2011 that won the Tunisian CTFs (Security challenge Days 1 & 2, Seсurinet Challenges 2011 & 2012) and participated in several other challenges.

FluxFingers (Germany)

FluxFingers The FluxFingers team represents the Ruhr University Bochum in CTF contests since 2007. In the past years it also organized the famous hack.lu CTFs. All the team’s rankings are listed here: https://www.fluxfingers.net/scoring.html

Eindbazen (The Netherlands)

Eindbazen The team was founded last March to be able to compete in the Codegate 2011 Prequals. So, Eindbazen is just one year old and celebrated its anniversary at the Codegate 2012 Prequals. The team started out with only a handful of people and quickly grew as more skilled people joined. Most team members met in real life and knew each other before the team creation. The team consists solely of Dutch members, including both students and professionals. As the members are spread throughout the country, they are generally unable to get together physically when participating in a CTF competition.
Some of the CTFs they participated in last year:

C.o.P (France)

C.o.P Consortium of Pwners (C.o.P.) is a French security team created in 2011 by former members of Nibbles team. The team regularly participates in vulnerability research and CTF contests.

BIOS (India)

BIOS The BIOS team from Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Amritapuri, India has been a regular at CTF contests since 2008. Starting off with finishing 24th in CIPHER4 (2008), they have taken part in most worldwide CTF contests such as CODEGATE, ruCTFe, rwthCTF, Mozilla CTF (14th place) and pCTF. They have also succeeded in organizing InCTF, India's first national CTF contest, for 3 years now.

0daysober (Switzerland)

0daysober 0daysober is a brand new team emerging from the French part of Switzerland and made by friends who share the same passion for IT security and alcohol.

Reserve team [censored] (Russia)

Reserve team [censored] The [censored] team of the Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University consists of students of the Computer Security Department. For the period of its existence, the team has participated in almost all large-scale CTF competitions. Furthermore, the team is the reigning champion of RuCTF 2012, the challenge in information security among Russian universities. The best results for the last year:

  • 1st place at RuCTF 2012;
  • 1st place at RusCrypto CTF 2011;
  • 7th place at PHD Quals 2012;
  • 8th place at PHD CTF 2011;
  • 9th place at RuCTF 2011.