Russians Took All Places on the Medal Stand of HackQuest Online 2012

  • June 20, 2012

    Following PHDays 2012, an international forum on practical security issues, fascinating HackQuest Online 2012 came to an end. The participants of the competition faced multiple vulnerabilities and tried themselves in solution of small tasks related to information security.

    The victory in this hard two-week contest was earned by Dmitry Moskin (DarkByte) from Russia, who gained 27 points. Beside excellent results in hacking and analyzing information security systems, Dmitry is known as a developer of web applications, in particular of such a popular plug-in as MusicSig vkontakte for Google Chrome, designed to expand the functional of the social network VKontakte (for instance, for downloading audio and video files). The winner highly appreciated the organization of the competition: “This CTF was probably the most interesting of all I’ve ever taken part in.”

    Losing to the winner by a single point, AVictor took the second place; the third place went to letm. So, all three prize-winners represent Russia. They received prizes from the sponsors and Positive Technologies, the organizers of the forum.

    The fourth place was won by an information security researcher from Pakistan registered as tex.

    Results of HackQuest Online 2012 are published on the website of PHDays 2012.

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