Download the full program in PDF.

Videos of reports and hands-on-labs (Russian and English).

The program of the PHD forum is created to cover the most wide spread issues in the information security field. We try to take into account preferences of various representatives of the industry to develop a program that would interest everyone from a developer to a CIO.

The program of the Positive Hack Days forum consists of two large blocks, which include both theory and practice - the conference and the contests.


  • Business seminars and round tables involve the leading experts of the market which bring up the most interesting issues in information security field.
  • Technical seminars are seminars aimed at a more specialized audience and address practical issues of the information security field. The seminars are conducted by the most prominent experts.
  • Master classes provide an opportunity to get practical experience in real-time solving information security problems of various complexity levels from outstanding local and international specialists.


  • CTF contest is an international information protection contests conducted according to the CTF (Capture The Flag) game principles.
  • Theme contests cover various information security issues which give the participants an opportunity to demonstrate their skills of protecting and hacking information resources.