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Videos of reports and hands-on-labs (Russian and English).

Got tired of waiting for new Brins and Kasperskys in Russia? Frankly speaking, we did. To find out the state of academic IT-security science in Russia, we “put out a bulletin” for young scientists who make researches in this field. The competition started a couple of months before the PHDays. This week, the finalists have been decided.

The program committee of the competition, which was composed of representatives of leading IT companies (Microsoft, Yandex, etc.), educational and scientific institutions (MSU, MEPI, SPIIRAS) and core publications (Hacker Magazine), considered 19 applications and selected 7 most interesting reports. The finals of PHDays Young School will host youngsters from educational institutions of Moscow, Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk, Saint Petersburg and Taganrog, who will compete for the main prize on May 31.

The primary goal of the competition is to give a chance to young scientists to let themselves known. The finalists will personally present results of their research before mainstream audience of experts, leading Russian and international specialists in information security. We hope sincerely that for the young scientists, their presentations at PHDays Young School will be a major step towards their success and that this experience will help them in their future scientific work.

PHDays Young School 2012 Finalists

  • What solutions are the most efficient for decompilation in the field of information security? Maksim Shudrak will speak about it in his report titled Decompilation Methods for Binary Code And Their Application to Information Security. Maksim Shudrick prepared this report together with Ivan Lubkin. Maksim is an experienced fighter: in 2009 he won the national contest Future? At your service! organized by Intel. Maksim is a postgraduate student of Informational Technology Security Chair, Institution of Computer Science and Telecommunications SibSAU, Krasnoyarsk, Russia. His research advisor is Vyacheslav Zolotarev.
  • Dmitry Myulavka will present his work Application of Statistical Algorithms for Detection of Attacks On Web Applications. Dmitry is a fourth-year student at the Faculty of cybernetics and information security, NRNU MEPI, Moscow, Russia. His research is supervised by Vladimir Vorontsov.
  • Darya Kavchuk will give a presentation of her research under the title of Optimization Methods for Automated Vulnerability Search in Remote Information Networks. As a student of Information Technology Chair, the University of Taganrog (SSU), Taganrog, Russia, this finalist was awarded with a government scholarship. Besides, Darya is a prize-winner of inter-university conferences, where she presented various reports (Sochi-2014: Dreams and Reality, Methods of Authentication, Robots and Robotics). Darya’s research advisor is Yevgeny P. Tumoyan.
  • Anastasiya Scherbinina, a five-year student of the Faculty of computing mathematic and cybernetics, MSU, will a presentation of her work Signature-Based Polymorphic Shellcode Detecting. Anastasiya’s research advisor is Denis U. Gamayunov.
  • Denis Makrushin will discuss a topical issue of counteracting DDoS-attacks in his report Load Testing of Information Systems. Denis is a fifth-year student at the Faculty of cybernetics and information security, NRNU MEPI, Moscow, Russia.

Out-of-Competition Reports

A number of reports were highly praised by the jury, but failed to meet certain criteria (such as novelty, practical value, compliance with the competition’s themes) and were not accepted for the finals. However, the jury decided to give the most qualified candidates an opportunity to present their works. The reports accepted for out-of-competition presentation are:

  • Secure Clouds Computing by Means of Homomorphic Cryptography, presented by Alexander Zhirov, a fourth-year student at the Faculty of information technologies, Novosibirsk State University, Russia (a cowriter is O.V. Zhirova). The research adviser is Sergey F. Krendelyov.
  • Exploring Bio-Inspired Approaches to Protection against Infrastructure Attacks on the Basis of Imitation Modelling, presenter by Andrey Shorov, a junior research associate of Computer Security Laboratory, SPIIRAS. The research adviser is Igor V. Kotenko.

The competition took place owing to Andrey Petukhov’s determination and enthusiasm. This man shouldered the uneasy task of organizing PHDays Young School. A special thanks to the committee members, namely:

So, we are waiting for you at PHDays 2012, on May 31 where the finals of PHDays Young School will take its place. Don’t miss the chance to see the future being born!