• Thijs Bosschert

    Nice job @phdays, other conferences should follow this ;-)

    Thijs Bosschert Verizon Business
  • Arthur Gerkis

    You can see which contests were held here: www.phdays.com/program/contests/ - everyone can make busy himself for both days.

    Arthur Gerkis independent expert
  • 0daysober

    Au final, on note une très bonne organisation de la conférence avec plein de tournois annexes, dont le fameux “Too drunk to hack” dans lequel un de nos ingénieurs finira en deuxième position.

    0daysober CTF Team
  • Jerry Gamblin

    I don’t think I have ever been to a conference with as good of lineup, organization, or venue as PHDays had.

    Jerry Gamblin Missouri House of Representatives
  • Alexandr Matrosov

    This event started last year as the first conference in Russia for security researchers focusing on deeply technical speakers.

    Alexandr Matrosov ESET



  • 13.06.2013 17 Hackspaces From 7 Countries Joined PHDays III

    To take part in the PHDays forum, local information security specialists gathered together in Abu Dhabi  (United Arab Emirates), Birzeit (Palestine), Cairo (Egypt), Kollam (India)... More

  • 11.06.2013 A Researcher from Tomsk Wins PHDays III Young School

    The results of PHDays III Young School, a national information security competition of young scientists, are known. The program committee considered a great number of applications and selected four best works, the authors of which spoke at PHDays in front of leading IS specialists from all over the world. More

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international forum on practical information security

MAY 30-31, 2012

  • What things come to you mind when you think about Russia? Fyodor Dostoyevsky and bears? Vodka and matryoshkas? Or Russian hackers? At the very end of the spring, Moscow will host international forum on practical security issues —Positive Hack Days.

    PHDays is a site where a friendly meeting of an information security officer and a hacker is possible. Only here the elite of the hackers’ world, representatives of business, state, and Internet community can meet offline to find answers on the most topical information security questions.

    This year 1500 people will take part in the forum. During two days and one night non-stop, there will be:

    • professional discussion and 6 conference streams;
    • international information protection CTF contest;
    • hacking competitions;
    • master classes and workshops by leading expert practitioners.

    PHDays features leading experts of the world, live communication, unique reports, knowledge and skills, maximum practice and minimum formalities. That is where the future of the information security industry lies.